Quality Assurance

In terms of quality, the most familiar one should be QC (Quality Control), but in fact, QA (Quality Assurance) is equally important and cannot be ignored. There is no lack of any step in our quality inspection. Let me share with you the difference between QA and QC

In ISO 9000, the definition of Quality Assurance is: "All planned and systematic activities implemented in order to provide entities with sufficient confidence to meet quality requirements." Similarly, ISO 9000 also defines what is meant by Quality Control, that is, "operating technologies and activities adopted to meet quality requirements."

Simply put, quality assurance

That is, the purpose of QA is to use correct methods in the process of producing products.

  • The focus of QA is on the manufacturing method. With the correct method (that can meet the quality requirements), and according to the implementation, it should be able to produce products that meet the requirements.
  • The role of QC is to check whether the product produced is correct when the product is completed.
  • The focus of QC is on the result of the development. In any case, check the final product.
  • QA is the entire process before the completion of the product, while QC is after the event, when the product is completed, the work is checked.
  • The goal of QA is to prevent product defects, while QC is to find potential defects in the finished product.

Each step is interlocking and indispensable.